Roll-A-Bout Skating Center has something for everybody!
  • A safe environment for your family, Church, School or Organization.
  • Private and in-session skating parties
  • And, best of all, great public skating geared towards the family.
Join us soon at one of our 3 locations:
605 Chapel Hill Rd. Burlington, NC
    1023 S. Van Buren Rd. Eden, NC    
 100 5th Ave. Collinsville, VA
Happy Skating!!

When contacting us, please put the location for which you are interested in the subject line. 
Giving us your contact number will allow us to get back with you more quickly.

It is our desire to maintain a clean, safe, and wholesome environment.  In order to do

 this, we have standards for dress as well as behavior in our facility.  Those who do not

wish to comply with such standards will not be permitted to skate at the center. 

Because of the normal risk of maintaining balance on skates and the probability

of occasional contact between skaters...ACCIDENTS CAN AND DO HAPPEN. 

You must voluntarily assume the risk of injury when you skate.

We cannot, and do not, carry insurance covering injury to skaters.

The Management

Piedmont Leisure Corporation